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So as I stated on several occasions in several places there are many parallels between Batman and Harry Potter.

1. Their parents were killed by the main villain of the series (Batman= the criminals of Gotham; Harry Potter= Voldemort) and thus changed their existence-

2. They are predestined to fight crime.

3. They have people helping them (Batman= the parade of Robins, Batgirl, Gordon, Alfred and others; Harry Potter= Ron, Hermione, Sirius, Hagrid, Dumbledore and maaaany more)

4. The main villain comes back all the time no matter what (Joker breaking out all the time/Ra’s al Ghul and Voldemort just having 7 horcruxes)

5. Usually happens in one spot (Gotham, Hogwarts)

6. Servants (Alfred, Dobby)

7. Sidekicks (Robin-Ron, Batgirl/Oracle-Hermione)

8. They dress up during the night not to be visible (Batman’s costume, Invisibility Cloak)

9. Bruce Wayne and Harry Potter are famous and rich

Well.. that’s most of them for now. If you have more ideas send a note.